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Federal Whistleblower Rewards & Compensation

Several laws provide whistleblowers with financial rewards when they submit information that helps the government recover funds from companies or individuals committing fraud. Since their medieval origins, qui tams have allowed a private person to receive a percentage of the money recovered as a result of their claim. Over the past 30 years, the U.S. authorities have paid hundreds of millions in total awards, with an average payout of approximately $1.5 million, up to $100 million. The number of cases settled in the last ten years has increased steadily.

The four qui tam laws that provide those who blow the whistle with monetary rewards for reporting fraud or illegal activity are:


Whistleblower Reward Percentages

The size of the final award is calculated as a percentage of the total recovery that resulted from the information provided by the relator. The percentage range is set by different statutes and equals to 15-30% for FCA an IRS Tax programs, and 10-30% for the SEC and FCPA ones.

The least a successful whistleblower can receive
The most a whistleblower may receive under any federal program

Factors that affect the whistleblower reward percentage:

Each program uses a number of specific official and unofficial factors to determine the final reward and others that are shared among them all.

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