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Natural Resource Fraud

Blowing the whistle to expose natural resource fraud helps to preserve the second largest source of income for our country. Oil and gas generate an enormous source of funds to the federal government, second only to taxes. Royalty payments are owed to the government for the use and exploration of natural deposits that are mined on Outer Continental Shelf, Federally leased land, and Native American leases.

Oil And Gas Fraud Overview

Oil and gas fraud occurs when the U.S. government or Native American tribes lease their lands to private drilling or mining companies that infringe the law by ignoring regulations or lying to increase their profits. The Federal authorities own more natural resources through public lands than any other entity. For this reason, non-governmental companies are hired for mining, drilling, or fracking operations. The absence of an efficient oversight organization often allows corrupt businessmen to take advantage of their leasing agreements to fraudulently increase their profits. All these crimes can be exposed by honest citizens and are punishable under the False Claims Act (FCA).

Examples and types of Natural Resource Fraud

The False Claims Act & SEC Whistleblower Programs

Depending on the type of fraud being committed, corrupt contractors can be reported either under the False Claims Act or the SEC Whistleblower Program. Insiders and qui tam relators can hire an attorney to represent them anonymously by filing a claim and acting on their behalf and, if their case is successful, they will be rewarded with a percentage of the amount recovered by the government.

How to report a Natural Resource Fraud

In 2007, the Department of the Interior collected over $9 billion in royalties from oil and natural gas leases. Despite they already make incredible profits, massive oil companies keep thieving and deceiving each one of us with their despicable practices. Exposing these crimes is a civic duty that will help our national authorities retrieve the money required to fund many welfare programs that will benefit the entire community.
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